PictureBefore and after a vent cleaning.This is a 6 gallon shop-vac that was filled to the MAX from one residential vent.

PictureThis vent was under a house, they used flex-duct and it was     sagging bad collecting lint in all the dips. SEE PHOTO TO THE RIGHT FOR THE FINISHED REBUILD.

 PictureReplaced the damaged duct on the left and the picture on the right was the finished product.

Picture   Figure out why the brush wouldnt go through, so i took it apart and this is what i found.

PictureThis is the finished product from the photo to the left.

  PictureThis was at a animal hospital, they had all this duct running behind the dryer and in the wall. They only needed 2 feet.

PictureAnother clogged vent.

  PictureThis was a vent that went through the ceiling and vented out the roof. It was disconnected just above the ceiling.

PictureThis is what not to do if your vent hood falls off.

PictureThis is a 4 foot birds nest i pulled out of a vent.